May we introduce ourselves?

Our Choir
The shanty choir "Die Maeze Sanghers" was founded on March 30, 1987 by five retired sea pilots from around the Rijnmond-region. Over time more and more  (ex-) pilots and other (ex-) seafarers signed on.
"Die Maeze Sanghers” are therefore mostly men "with salt or brackish water in the veins”. But men of the fresh water and even "landlubbers" found their way to the choir and the choir now has 50 enthusiastic members.
Our Ship Orchestra
The ship's orchestra, equipped with three accordions, two clarinets, a bass, a flute, a guitar and a guitar/banjo takes care of the musical assistance, all this conducted by Eric van Dalum.  
Our Repertoire
"Die Maeze Sanghers" have a repertoire of Dutch, English, German and French "Seasongs & Shanties". Beside that they also sing a song in Frisian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian and in the language of the Samoa Islands. You can partly listen to these songs on our last three Cds.
Our clients
Since the choirs formation "Die Maeze Sanghers" gave more than 600 performan-ces. Often on maritime festivals, but the choir has often been invited by trade and industry for an afternoon or evening programme.
The chorus is also a welcome guest at festivals from Delfzijl to Vlissingen and in recent years there were a number of performances in Spain (2003), South Africa (2006) and the Czech Republic (2009). However, with as much pleasure, the choir performs in homes for the elderly and in nursing homes
Our presentation
The presentation, often done in a humorous way, could, on request, be done in several languages. This offers possibilities for international parties.